Glad to have you visit the new website! Wow, what an adventure it was learning how to build this website. I’ve learned so much from putting it together…more than I ever wanted to know ! Who knew that a website can look completely different on different desktop computer screens, never mind what it looks like on a cell phone or other device!

If you are looking at this with a cell phone or small device, please let me know how it looks to you. The screen I used to create it is rather large and I don’t need to scroll at all on the home page, everything shows up, but I noticed on smaller screens you do need to scroll to see the class buttons…aarrgg!

I have to thank my boys for helping me! I never would have been able to do it without them! From Jesse getting me set up and hosting, to Devin helping me with picture pixels and sizing. Jacob gave me feedback on layout (he thought the picture slide on the homepage was an ad that came up on the website). Cliffy checked all the links and suggested some options.

Well, the reason I wanted to start the website anyway was to be able to direct people to information about classes. I’m all over Central Mass lately, and it’s hard to get individual class information out on facebook. I’ll try my best to keep the Class Schedule Calendar updated.

This is where I’ll share new information, new classes, new recipes, etc.

– I hope to see you at an up coming class…or at your own Wilton-At-Home Class/Party!

     ~ Sue

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