Double Barrel Cake

This birthday cake for my “classy chic” niece was the first time I’ve attempted a double barrel cake (which means two tiers of the same size stacked on top of each other). I made four 8″ layers baked in  Wilton’s 3″ high pans.  The layers were leveled, torted, and filled with softened ganache and strawberry preserve filling. Each 8″ tier was then prepared as though they were two separate tiers (dowels and separator plate between them), but they were iced on the outside in ganache all together.

Then I filled and iced the 6″ tier with white chocolate ganache. When using white chocolate for icing ganache you need to use more white chocolate in ratio to heavy cream so that it will stiffen up and not stay soft.   Jen's bday2Although it took awhile, it was actually fun smoothing the ganache to achieve straight sides.

Then the fun really began with covering the cakes in fondant, and decorating with ‘butterfly hearts’ that I dusted with super luster gold & silver dust. On a few of them I added gold & silver disco dust for added bling!   Jen's Bday Cake1

The final design has a front and a back to it – (I was given a picture off of Pinterest to use as a sample design idea, so I must give credit to the person that made the original design!)  but I added a few twists and different colors.

Very nervous during delivery, but it all went great, and it was a fabulous 30th birthday party!

Jen's BDay final cake

Cupcake Basket Class

The cupcake basket class at North Brookfield Evening School was sooo much fun! As I always say,”I love to see how it all comes together,” and it really did- they all came out so pretty!  I heard comments at the beginning of class that some had never decorated before and didn’t expect them to come out very nice, but by the end of the class they were having fun and excited to see how nice they really came out!  It really felt like spring… cupcake1 cupcake3 cupcake4 cupcake5 cupcake6
…even though it was pouring rain and cold outside. Motto of the evening, “April cupcake2Showers Bring May Flowers”

Thank you Amanda!

Thank you, Amanda, for hosting a Wilton-At-Home Class/Party. It was a perfect day (rainy and cold outside) to spend time together inside creating and designing wonderful cakes! I loved to see father and daughter decorating together! Everyone did such a great job. Enjoy your cakes!

Amanda6 Amanda 3 Amanda 5 Amandas4 Amanda's 2