Wedding Cake

Absolutely enjoyed making this wedding cake for a dear friend. Lots and lots of fondant pearl balls made it look sooo pretty and bubbly!  I dusted the fondant balls with white pearl dust to give them a beautiful shine.

And created a unique wired gum paste topper with different shades of purple for subtle accents.


I was totally relieved when my husband offered to drive for the delivery because it was during a snowstorm! But weddings can’t wait!

Congratulations Beth & Mike!

Food Safety Management Certificate

My Food Safety Management Certification was due to expire this year. (It has to be renewed every 5 years) I reviewed all the time/temp. for handling and storing hot foods and meats because that is not what I normally work with so it’s not something I always remember, but I knew it would be on the test! Also, many food borne illnesses, names and causes, I knew I needed to review those too.

I passed with flying colors! Yaaaa!!