In-Home Classes/Parties Host Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering an In-Home Event!

Hosting an In-Home event is a fun experience that you and your friends will be sure to enjoy! Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you better prepare and organize to ensure a successful event:

How many guests should I invite?

We recommend that you invite 10-15 potential guests to your In-Home event. It is very common that up to one-third of those invited will decline. We recommend at least 6 guests confirmed.

What if a guest is unsure they can attend?

If a guest is unsure they can attend this event, simply invite them to your next one!

Is there an age requirement for my guests?

Since this is a private, personalized event, your Instructor can tailor the event to your needs and specific age group. Keep in mind your guests will be participating in approximately 2  hours of hands-on instruction, plus clean up time.

Can my guests bring a friend?

Unlike a traditional “home party,” this event is a personalized, private class where all guests need to be confirmed so that a cake can be made for them and decorating tools prepared. Class supplies are determined by the number of confirmed guests, so “drop-in” or unexpected guests cannot be accommodated.

How do I ensure all my guests show?

Be sure to communicate that this is more than simply an at-home party; rather a paid, private class where your guests will learn new skills while having fun! Guests should know upfront that there is a nominal fee, which covers the cost of private instruction and supplies, as they will go home with a beautifully decorated cake (or cupcakes) that they can be proud of to share with friends and family.

What if I have no shows?

Keep in mind you will want to focus your guest list around friends / family members who may be interested in learning a new skill, while having some fun. By clearly communicating this is a private, paid class, the less likely you are to have no shows. Your instructor will need a final head count at least 1 week prior to the event so that cakes & icing can be made, and supplies put together. A payment link will be sent for online payments prior to the event.

What if I need to cancel the event?

In the unfortunate circumstance you need to cancel the event, we ask that you notify your instructor as soon as possible, as they have invested time and effort in preparing and planning the event. Look for future dates to reschedule as soon as possible.

How much time is needed for the event?

We recommend planning for at least 3 hours, inclusive of instruction, breaks, and social time for your guests before the class starts. The class will go for 2 hours, but additionally, your instructor will arrive approx. 15 minutes before class start time, and will need to cleanup after everyone is finished.

What does the Instructor provide?

Your Instructor will provide top notch cake decorating instruction, as well as all the supplies needed such as the cakes/cupcakes, icing, and use of aprons and use of all the tools needed to decorate a personal sweet creation to share with friends and family! 

What is expected from me as the host?

We recommend having light refreshments for your guests, or ask your guests to bring a little something to drink or snack on during the event. Please have every day supplies on hand like paper towels, garbage bags, and disposable table cloths for easy clean-up!

What type of space do I need?

Your guests should be able to sit comfortably in their decorating space so a large kitchen or dining room table will work best. Your Instructor will also need space to demonstrate from. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive disposable table cloth for easy cleanup.

Do my guests get to keep the decorating tools?

The tools and aprons are for use only during the class. We suggest that you take notes on which tools and decorating tips you like so you can purchase them at a local craft store: Michaels, ACMoore, Walmart, or Amazon or  It will be fun to "try them before you buy them!"