Private & In-Home Classes/Parties!

~Very limited availability in 2023 (Sept is fully booked)

  Host an Private Class either in the comfort of your own home, or perhaps at a community hall, work conference room, or church hall. A fantastic way to get together with family, friends, or co-workers! Please keep in mind when inviting guests, each guest needs to sit comfortably at a table with plenty of room for decorating tools and a cake or cupcakes (turntable, decorating bags and other tools, cake and cake box)

Classes are relaxed and fun, but I teach skills and techniques so it is more than just squirting frosting randomly onto a cake or cupcake. We do detailed sugar art masterpieces! Because of the detailed skills and techniques taught, it is recommended that ages 8-12 be accompanied by an adult to help assist them. Decorator's icing can be stiff and controlling the pressure applied to the decorating bag can be difficult for small hands.

     Baked cakes or cupcakes, decorator's buttercream icing, and all the supplies needed for each person to decorate a cake (or cupcakes) are brought to the event by Instructor Sue. You will have use of decorating tools and an apron during class.

Classes go for approx. 2  hours with step-by-step instructions decorating the design of your choice, and everyone does the same design. The colored icing and decorating tips for the chosen design will be prepared and brought to the class so everyone will decorate the same design, but individual creativity is certainly encouraged with the supplies brought.

You will have use only of the decorating tips and tools during class, and the tools will be collected at the end of class. That way you get to try the decorating tools, "try before you buy" on your own.  I do not sell any decorating tools. 

~ I will travel, but depending on your location a small travel fee will be charged if outside the Charlton, Massachusetts local area (Central MA).  All charges will be determined upfront before the class. 

 Choose either a cake decorating class or cupcake class. Listed below are popular options, but I am flexible and can adjust the class to your needs.

Please contact Sue with any questions or to book a date (Contact info)

Once a date is scheduled you can decide on a cake class or cupcake class, and a design or techniques that you are interested in learning. Then an online link will be created for your guests to sign up individually, or if you prefer a total invoice can be sent to the host instead.

Payment is requested before supplies are prepared, usually 1 week prior to the class.

Please inform Instructor Sue of any food allergy concerns (Kitchen used to prepare for classes has nut and peanut products present)


Cake Decorating Class


  This class is about creating a level surface on the cake to make a "sugar canvas" for decorating. The skills taught are: leveling, torting, filling, smoothing icing, and decorating the design of your choice using the 3-essential keys to piping techniques.

It's a fun get-together class for all skill levels- beginners to advanced.  You choose the design and everyone decorates the same design with step-by-step instructions. Contact me with your design idea or look at pictures below to choose from.

All materials and supplies are provided for everyone to decorate a 6" cake.  The baked cakes, icing, and use of all decorating tools during the class (turntables, spatulas, aprons, etc. ) are provided by the instructor.  Cake boxes are included for guests to carry their cakes home!

Cake Decorating Prices

Cake, icing, and all supplies will be provided by Instructor Sue

with use only of decorating tools.

Decorating BagDecorating BagStandard size: 6" cakes with buttercream filling:

  6+ people, $80. each

4-5 people, $85. each

2-3 people, $95. each

1 person class, $200. customized

(Optional 8" cakes are available for an additional $10. onto above prices)

Some Cake Design Ideas:

                                                                       Add $2.                                          






The cake designs below are double stacked cakes for added height and have an

additional cost of $12. 





Cupcake Decorating Class


Cupcake decorating classes are perfect for holiday or special occasion get-together social events. You choose the design/theme that everyone will decorate. Contact Instructor Sue with your design idea or look below at pictures to choose from.

All supplies are provided by your instructor - 6 cupcakes (3 vanilla, 3 chocolate) for each participant, colored icing for design chosen, and use of all decorating tools and aprons during the class. A box is provided for each guest to bring home their sweet treats. (A few extra cupcakes are also provided for practice mishaps, or snacking!)

Cupcake Decorating Prices

6 Cupcakes (3 vanilla, 3 chocolate), icing, and all supplies will be provided by instructor,

with use only of decorating tools.

 6+ people, $60. each

4-5 people, $65. each

2-3 people, $75. each

1 person class, $175. customized

Some Cupcake Design Ideas:













Please contact Sue with any questions or to Book a Date (contact)

After a date and design are confirmed, an online event payment link will be created so each of your guests can register separately, or a total online payment link can be sent to the host instead.

( NO personal checks please)

I'll need a headcount at least a week prior to any event, so supplies and cakes, or cupcakes, can be prepared.

text or call 508-434-6229

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or Instagram @letscakedecorate

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