In-Home Classes/Parties !

  A fantastic way to get together with friends, family, or co-workers! Host an In-Home Class/Party either in the comfort of your own home, or perhaps at a community hall, work conference room, or church hall. Please keep in mind when inviting # of guests, each guest needs to sit comfortably at a table.

   In-Home Classes/Parties are unique events where you and your guests will learn basic cake decorating skills that can be used well after the event is over, in addition to having a lot of fun while learning these skills!

 All the supplies needed for each person to decorate their own cake (or cupcakes) are brought to the event by your professional instructor. The classes go for approx. 2  hours with step-by-step instructions on leveling, torting, filling, and icing cakes smooth, then practicing piping skills on a practice board before decorating the cakes (or cupcakes).

 Choose either a cake decorating class or cupcake class. Listed below are popular options, but we are flexible and can adjust the class/party to your taste and needs.

Cake Decorating Class/Party

  This class is about creating a level smooth surface on your cake to make a "sugar canvas" for decorating. The skills taught are: leveling, torting, filling, smoothing icing, the 3-essential keys to decorating, simple flowers & borders. It's a fun get-together class for all skill levels- beginners to advanced. A theme can be set (seasonal or general). All materials and supplies are provided for everyone to frost and decorate either a 6" cake or an 8" cake.  Cake, frosting, colors, decorating bags & tips, use of decorating tools (turntables, spatulas, apron, etc. ) are provided for use, plus a cake box for guests to carry their cake home!


Cake Decorating Prices:

Cake, icing, and all supplies will be provided by instructor,

with use only of decorating tools.

Decorating BagDecorating Bag 6" cakes with filling:

  6 + people - $35. each

5 people - $40. each

2-4 people - $45. each


   8" cakes with filling:

  6 + people - $45. each

5 people - $50. each

2-4 people - $55. each

Cake designs with chocolate drips (either chocolate or colored white chocolate) add $2. per person on cake price


                 Cupcake Decorating Class/Party                   


This class covers various buttercream piping techniques and the 3-essential keys to decorating. Examples of piping include: the star, shell, swirl, large rosette, dots, pulled dots, zig-zag, star drop flower, and more. A great get-together class/party. Perfect for holiday or special occasion themes, teen birthdays or other social events.

All supplies are provided for everyone to practice techniques first on a practice board, then decorate 6 cupcakes, box included. 

Cupcake Decorating Prices :

Cupcakes, icing, and all supplies will be provided by instructor,

with use only of decorating tools.

 6 +  people - $28. each

5 people - $33. each

2-4 people - $38. each


When a date is set, an online event payment link can be created so your guests can pay online before the class, or payment can be collected at the class in cash. ( NO personal checks please)

Seasonal or themed  class/parties can be arranged.

I'll need a headcount at least a week prior to any event, so supplies and cakes, or cupcakes, can be prepared.

 Contact Instructor Sue for more info or to Book a Date!

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